US CHIPS Act Funding Under Attack Following Debt Ceiling Fight

The US CHIPS Act, the measure that oversees the distribution of around $280 billion in funding for semiconductor-related pursuits, may not have as secure a funding guarantee as previously thought.
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Apple's M2 Ultra Seemingly Can't Beat AMD and Intel Rivals

Apple's M2 Ultra cannot beat Intel's Core i9-13900K, thrashed by AMD's Threadripper Pro and Intel's Xeon W9.
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TikToker Straps AIO Liquid Cooler to a Steam Deck

A TikToker has gone to the extreme and modified a Steam Deck handheld to use a full-blown 240MM AIO CPU cooler. The thermal results are very good unsurprisingly, dropping temps by 32%.
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GDDR6 VRAM Prices Plummet: 8GB of Memory Now Costs $27

GDDR6 prices have dropped substantially over the past 18 months. Spot prices are now a quarter of what they were at the height of the crypto mining boom.
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Logitech Is Killing Off the Blue Mic Brand

Logitech is merging its gaming headset maker, Astro, and microphone manufacturer, Blue Microphones, into its Logitech G brand. While the Astro brand will continue as a premium console audio product series under Logitech G, the Blue brand will be phased out. The Verge reports: You can already see the transition playing out on Logitech's website, which still sells Yeti and even Snowball microphones that merely come "with Blue VO!CE" but no longer links to a distinct Blue website or product page., however, still exists. It's not clear why Logitech is minimizing its influential brands Astro and Blue, which defined the high-end gaming headset category and the microphone-for-streamers category, respectively, but I wonder if Logitech simply decided it had to choose between Blue and Yeti -- and Yeti was the name that rang out. However, Logitech's simply pitching it as a synergy play: you'll be able to control all your formerly Blue, Astro, and Logitech Creator products in the Logitech G software suite when all's said and done. Logitech bought gaming headset maker Astro for $85 million in 2017 and purchased mic manufacturer Blue Microphones for $177 million one year later. Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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AMD Pushes Flawed Comparison to Trash RTX 3060 8GB

Sasa Marinkovic, senior director of gaming marketing at AMD, compares the Radeon RX 7600 to the GeForce RTX 3060 8GB. Yes, that's the universally panned 8GB card and not the far more popular 12GB model.
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AWS Uses Intel's Habana Gaudi for Large Language Models

AWS uses PyTorch with DeepSpeed to train large language models with Intel Habana Gaudi-based DL1 EC2 instances.
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Blue Microphones branding is going away after 28 years

The Blue name was a hat-tip to the co-founder's Latvian roots.
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MSI Spatium M450 1TB SSD Drops to Just $37

The MSI Spatium M450 1TB SSD is marked down to $37 at Newegg, down from its usual price of $59.
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Fly in Hogwarts Legacy With a Nimbus 2000 Prop Broom

Mo from That’s So Mo has turned a Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 broom prop into a working controller for flying in Hogwarts Legacy.
2023-06-09 12:15:02