After nearly $50 billion, NASA’s deep-space plans remain grounded

"As far as I'm concerned, SLS and Orion are doing their jobs of providing work."
2019-02-19 11:15:01 preview's
We’re still a long way from using gene editing for medical conditions

Gene editing to treat genetic diseases in mice highlights some considerable problems.
2019-02-19 11:00:01 preview's
Carbon capture struggles for footing, but optimism is in no short supply

Tax credits could spur investment; so far there's little movement to capture carbon.
2019-02-19 10:15:01 preview's
High-tech toilet seat monitors your heart as you sit on the can

Everybody poops. Cardiologists are counting on it.
2019-02-19 09:15:01 preview's
The Government's New Weather Model Faces a Storm of Protest

The National Weather Service will soon introduce a new forecasting model, but meteorologists are saying it's worse than its predecessor.
2019-02-19 08:15:01 preview's
The Confounding Climate Science of Lab-Grown Meat

The assumption goes that lab-grown meat will drastically reduce emissions of beef production. But you know what they say about assumptions...
2019-02-19 05:15:01 preview's
Messier 78 – the NGC 2068 Reflection Nebula

Located in the Orion Constellation, roughly 13,500 light years from Earth, is the bright reflection nebula known as Messier 78. The post Messier 78 – the NGC 2068 Reflection Nebula appeared first on Universe Today.
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These scientists broke 12 microwaves to learn how grapes create plasmas

Trent University researchers found that the effect is due to "hot spot."
2019-02-18 16:15:02